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Student Handbook


Middle school is an exciting time for our students! We strive to provide the very best opportunities for all students as they learn, grow, and prepare for high school. We have provided this handbook to help students and parents understand the policies and procedures used at both Los Lunas and Valencia Middle School. Students are encouraged to read this document carefully with their parent. It should answer many of your questions regarding school rules, student dress, discipline, and attendance policies.

Valencia High School

VMS Policies & Procedures

VMS offers a variety of non-sports activities that are sponsored by school staff. More information will be made available throughout the year for these activities.


Grades will be earned according to the following scale:
A=4.0 GPA 90%-100%
B=3.0 GPA 80%-89%
C=2.0 GPA 79%-70%
D=1.0 GPA 69%-60%
F=0.0 GPA 59%-50%

PE Uniform:
Students must wear a P.E. uniform. Uniforms must be solid color shorts, sweat pants and t-shirts with sleeves. Uniforms can be any combination of red, black, grey, turquoise, or white. No spandex/ compression shorts. Any Valencia or college logo shirts are also allowed. Students should wear closed-toe, athletic shoes that must tie.

Students receiving failing, unsatisfactory, or incomplete grades should talk to the teacher to take action to correct these deficiencies. The cooperation of parents in helping with homework, punctuality, and good attendance at school is essential to a child’s education. Progress reports are sent home with students in the middle of each 6-week grading period.

VMS Student Handbook